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You already know that you will visit one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. However, just to make sure, here are just a few of the amazing beaches and activities there will be waiting for you in Lefkada!!!

Of course, there are many more attractions than these, for which we will be glad to inform you once you are here,  helping you design your holidays and have a truly good time to remember for long afterwards!


Walking, hiking, jogging

With two lagoons, a canyon, a gorge, plenty waterfalls and a mountainous inland with rewarding views over Lefkada, you will enjoy exploring this beautiful island to discover much more than just stunning beaches. Here are just few of the many routes and points of interest of Lefkada.


Route through Melissa Gorge (Kavalos village)

If you’re looking for fairy-tale beauty on Lefkada, trek this enchanting route. Just follow the river as it winds through ancient oak, plane and elm trees skirted by wild rose bushes. An important part of Lefkada ’s ecosystem, Melissas Gorge offers birdwatchers and everyone else the opportunity to admire swooping falcons and hawks as you trek 

alongside the river.


You’ll also be able to admire vestiges of Lefkas ’ commercial history, as watermills, that used to process sulfur and grain, dot the banks of the river. Let the moss-d

raped trees cast a spell on you as you explore the forest – which is in Lefkada’s folklore tales is inhabited by fairies, elves and demons. Less experienced hikers can benefit from easier trails which nonetheless takes you through breathtaking forests and quaint watermills.


Route through Dimosari Canyon – Nidri Waterfall
Another breathtaking route of Lefkada takes you through Dimosari Canyon. Gushing waterfalls pool into exotic lagoons shaded by moss-draped oaks.

This is a perfect swimming spot if you’re hiking in the summer, although the waterfalls and thick forest keep the temperatures comfortable. Take a break and drink some spring water – the locals swear it’s the best drinking water in Lefkas.

Once you’ve relaxed, continue your trek by climbing the stone steps carved into the mountain. Dimosari Canyon is one of Lefkada ’s vital ecosystems, and played an important role throughout antiquity by powering the island’s waterworks by harnessing the surge of river water from Mount Vafkeri. If you enjoy caving, there are a few small caves throughout the canyon for you to enjoy.


Hike through Skaron Forest
Located up in the river-crossed mountains of Lefkada, this forest is made up of centuries’ old moss-draped trees, along with a very rare type of oak which can only be found in Lefkada and in a handful of other forests in Europe.

Skaron Forest is exceptionally beautiful and plays a vital role in the Lefkada ’s eco-system. This 

fact was only highlighted during the Venetian and Ottoman occupation when guards were posted throughout the forest to protect it. If you’re an avid hiker and look forward to the climb all the way up, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of Lefkada’s dozens of villages as well as beautiful sea vistas. Hikers will occasionally run into wild goats, so look out for herds as you explore.


Explore the carious picturesque mountain villages
Lefkada ’s inland boasts a landscape of small mountains which can easily be hiked through by experienced hikers. Stop by a number of enchanting villages which cling to the sides of the mountain and are often shrouded in fog.










The low tourist season is a perfect time to enjoy a day of fishing in Lefkada. When you get fed up of the beach you can do something different. You can experience fishing from the shore or join an organized fishing trip. Local teams that organize daily fishing tours claim that you can find species of fish such as bream, garfish, meru, and tuna. People who are keen on sport fishing share that in October is the best time for catching mackerel, seabass (lavraki), or barracuda from the sea shore because they may come close to shore.

The best places for fishing are on the Eastern coast of Lefkada – around Nikiana, Nidri and Lygia. Take into account that to fish from a boat you need a special license. You can also rent a boat with a fishing guide who will bring you to appropriate fishing places.

Visit the link to find out more information about Lefkada fishing Cruises!


Water Sports

Dozens of beaches of unsurpassed beauty crown the coastline of Lefkada. Among them the photo champion Porto Katsiki, gorgeous Egremnoi, busy Gialos, vast Kathisma, peaceful Myloi, youthful Agios Giannis on the west; cosmopolitan Nydri, stunning Syvota and the bay of Vassiliki on the East. Some of them on the leeward side, others sandy, some marked with high white cliffs and deep turquoise waters; no matter which one you’ll like best, they are all perfect for unforgettable moments of fun and joy.

Lefkada is an unparallel destination for the lovers of sea sports. If you are one of them, put on the friskier of your moods and give in to an adrenaline party at the hot spots of the island.


The water track and field of Lefkada is a paradise for surfers and is famous with Greek and international surfers alike. The wind’s strength that reaches its peak in the afternoon has put the beach of Vassiliki, a globally acclaimed surf spot, in the TOP 10 beaches in the world and the TOP 3 in Europe. Slalom and free style in side shore conditions are a must here. In the North of the island, not far from the town of Lefkada, the beach of Agios Giannis almost pairs up with Vassiliki wind-wise, but its different waters mostly attract kite surfers. Huge kites glide on the waves at breakneck speed before soaring in the air to fill the sky with colour. Windsurfing schools and equipment shops facilitate things for light travelers and those deciding to take part in the thrilling activity of surfing.

Enjoy pedalo, canoe and water ski rides, or indulge in the pleasure of more “sophisticated” activities, ranging from barefoot to mono ski, double ski, wake boardand knee board. If you want to alternate beach games with water ones, you are in the right place. Let us just mention a few ones to dispel any possible doubts of yours: fly-fish, tubes, banana, crazy-sofa, big marble, etc. Go parasailing over the bay of Vassiliki and all the way to the beautiful – ex Onassis owned – island of Scorpio. Paragliding is a blast of a choice too, especially when you want to go downhill over the area of Kathisma and land on the beautiful beach. A Centre of Sea Sports is in operation in the area of Nydri, providing expertise and equipment.

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